Arts Panel on KCUR’s Up To Date

Yesterday, I participated in an arts panel for a year-end discussion on “Up To Date,” a daily news radio show on KCUR 89.3 FM (the local NPR affiliate), with panelists Robert Trussell (theater critic and arts reporter for The Kansas City Star) and Alice Thorson (editor for KCStudio and former visual art critic for The Star for 23 years).

(A bit weird to be on the other side of slightly inaccurate reporting, though. I review dance as well as music, not theater (well, once I reviewed a musical) for The Star. Additionally, the on-air bio included mention of this blog, but not my work for KCStudio, yet the script originally included a former publication in my bio that I no longer write for. Good year end reminder for my own work.)

If you missed it, listen in here.

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