Sandwiches & More

The perfect food may be a sandwich.  This is because the concept of sandwich includes an infinite variety within a very limited constraint.  Come with me as I explore this endless wealth of deliciousness.

Reuben: Shapiro’s Delicatessen, poster 10/13/11

Cuban Sandwich: Happy Gillis, eaten 2/25/11

Philly Cheese Steak : homemade, eaten 3/16/11

Creole Chicken : Beer Kitchen, eaten 5/2/11 (also discussed, former 180: Monte Cristo and Westside Local: French dip)

French Dip : homemade, eaten 5/25/11

Lamb burgers : homemade, eaten 6/2/11

Croque monsieur : Farmhouse, eaten 10/27/11 [update with addition of Le Mie Emilie, eaten 12/11]

Bat Out of Hell: meatloaf sandwich with tater tots 5/6/12

Maggie Cristo: Succotash, eaten 10/21/18

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