Review: Audra McDonald in concert

I reviewed Audra McDonald in concert for the Harriman-Jewell Series for The Kansas City Star.

For a brief time, read the review here.

Not mentioned in the review was her rendition of Sondheim’s “The Glamorous Life” from A Little Night Music, a song that she stated “scared her” because of its Sondheim-ness and its truth-to-life. As a mother who is also often away from her children, albeit not so glamorously, the piece resonated with me, too.

Later, she discussed her daughter’s reaction to her singing, her award-winning, technically and emotionally powerful singing. The then three-year-old was reported as saying, “Mommy, your singing makes me ears cry.”

From personal experience, I can attest that certain former three-year-olds have expressed similar sentiments about my own singing, if less poetically, with an abrupt, “stop. singing.” Difficult to not take personally, since, child, it is my duty as a mother to sing to you, but it is good to be in company with Ms McDonald.

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