No More Nomads

A Picnic on My Dress: Gorgeous women in gorgeous gowns in a gorgeous setting making gorgeous art. Sounds like an easy win, huh? But the catch, here, was that each artist had to perform despite her garment, constrained by it, each gown (though created with both the artist's body and the performance space in mind) crafted... Continue Reading →

A poem for Helen Gillet

Over a year ago, maybe closer to two I guess, I was handed a concert flier. Everybody hands out concert fliers all the time and how often do you look at them? You stick them in a pocket or leave them at the bar. This flier, I saved. I didn’t even make it to the... Continue Reading →

Kawsmouth, issue 2: Counting

Kawsmouth is a literary website that curates writing and photography from the Midwest. Still in its infancy, it's the brainchild of a lovely creative couple, Kansas-native world travelers who've resettled not far from us to our great social benefit. Here in Issue 2: The Reservoir you'll find essays, fiction, and poety by Kansas City-centric writers, commenting on... Continue Reading →

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