The real story is that my brilliant pun didn't make the headline: La donna é mobilized: Verdi's "Rigoletto" through the #MeToo Lens Continue reading →

KC Studio Sept/Oct 2016

I have four contributions in this issue of KC Studio! I always have such a fun time talking with people about their work; it's a joy to share their stories. The full digital edition can be found here, but I'll update as necessary as the KC Studio website posts online version of the stories. Artist... Continue Reading →

No More Nomads

A Picnic on My Dress: Gorgeous women in gorgeous gowns in a gorgeous setting making gorgeous art. Sounds like an easy win, huh? But the catch, here, was that each artist had to perform despite her garment, constrained by it, each gown (though created with both the artist's body and the performance space in mind) crafted... Continue Reading →

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