I Am a World Premiere

“This is the world premiere of Libby Hanssen. And in the grand tradition of the People’s Liberation Big Band, it is unrehearsed.” -Brad Cox *********************** Unrelenting thunderstorms washed out some of the crowd for the People’s Liberation Big Band’s regular gig at the RecordBar. My baby and I made it out, despite the rains, for... Continue Reading →

Some views from “America: Now and Here”

I want to recap a show that opened last month here in Kansas City.  Well, more event than show, at least for my involvement and observation.  “America: Now and Here” ran at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in the Crossroads over the course of May.  The project was conceived and spearheaded by artist Eric Fischl.  The prescribed... Continue Reading →

Inaugural grilling: lamb burgers

It is a very good thing to live with a very good cook.  It also helps when, being pregnant, one's husband takes his provider role very seriously and creates delicious meals to feed his wife and child. It is not a good thing that our schedules are so disjunct that we can eat a meal, at home, together,... Continue Reading →

A thing of beauty

Since a portion of this blog is devoted to the perfect meal - le sandwich - I feel it is my duty to corral links and information in honor and celebration of that aforementioned item.  Behold: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.

New home, first meal: French Dip

I am very picky about roast beef.  Really, any beef.  I worked in a deli for about a decade and there is no comparison of the slimy, bloody, vacuum-packed meat wads that passed for roast/corned beef to the real thing.  Whenever I see a Reuben on a menu, my first question is "do you make... Continue Reading →

Beer Me

Of late, I am unable to partake in one of my favorite pastimes: drinking.  My husband has been very generous over the last few months by allowing me to smell his beer and wine, but even the heady aromas can't fulfill my desires.   The past few days, though, have offered some beer -related distractions from my forced ascetic... Continue Reading →

Happy Gillis Cafe & Hangout

Cuban: Ham, Swiss, Mustard, Pickles; Foccaccia; Grilled. Alterations made: Add lettuce, subtract mustard, trade swiss for white cheddar. Libby approval rating: AWESOME! Read up on their menu and specials.

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