Proust Eats a Sandwich collects my latest words, thoughts and contributions about music, mostly, but also dance, cartoons, arts journalism, criticism, and poetry, in Kansas City and abroad. "Read Me..." selects some personal favorite posts and links to other publications. Everything else is just for fun.

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KC Studio July/August 2018

I got to talk with three completely different musicians for this issue of KC Studio. I am swooooooning over this cover! Click on the pic below to check out the whole issue, or on the individual links to go to those stories. Honors: Laurel Gagnon, violin Concert to Come: Gerald Trimble, viola da gamba The... Continue Reading →

KCUR: Art in the Loop 2018

Continue Reading → Covering the arts is an incredible privilege, not least because these works--typically positive, often to promote beauty expressed in this world--break up an otherwise depressing news stream. Currently on kcur.org, this story's post falls between a piece covering the fatal shooting by police in KCMO on Thursday, June 14th and a piece... Continue Reading →

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