Proust Eats a Sandwich collects my latest words, thoughts and contributions about music, mostly, but also dance, cartoons, arts journalism, criticism, and poetry, in Kansas City and abroad. "Read Me" selects some personal favorite posts and links to other publications. Everything else is just for fun.

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I say this every time, but this is definitely my favorite collection display we've ever done. One of the student assistants brought in a marimo (moss ball, lake goblin, or Aegagropila linnaei, to be precise) and we developed our Oct/Nov display from music about the environment and the supernatural, featuring work from Japan and Iceland,... Continue Reading →

THE PITCH | Best of 2019

Well, well, what do we have here! Guinness Record Tuba Ensemble| DWB (driving while black) chamber opera |  Junkyard Orchestra | LOKC Explorations Series | Park University International Center for Music

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