COVER STORY: It’s all Greek

The mad cap staging of The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza left the actors gasping for breath, after an hour-long marathon performance at the Coterie Theatre that covered thousands of years of myth—and the last forty years of pop culture. Following a script by Don Zolidis, the cast channeled cultural superstars from Greek gods and heroes to modern music idols and iconic movie characters. By putting the myths into a contemporary context, ancient tales came to vibrant, Pantone-colored life.

Last weekend’s performances were the culmination of a new venture from the Coterie and UMKC Theatre. Over the previous five weeks, the combined companies had taken this show on the road to some 20 different schools, the first such touring production from these organizations to target audiences from 5th to 12th grades. In an era of declining support for arts education, this initiative adds a welcome injection of theatre arts into local curriculums. The show was well received in the school environments, and the audience on Friday night—about 60 percent adults—enjoyed it as well. 

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