REVIEW in KCMetropolis: These “Trousers” need tightening

The musical In Trousers relates a story that falls somewhere between coming-of-age and coming-out-during-a-midlife-crisis. Egads! Theatre Company presented the Kansas City premiere at the Off Center Theatre, a frequent home for edgy, smaller scale productions. Though the lyrics were clever and the music interesting (if derivative), the plot was disjointed, the characters were one dimensional,... Continue Reading →

COVER STORY: It’s all Greek

The mad cap staging of The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza left the actors gasping for breath, after an hour-long marathon performance at the Coterie Theatre that covered thousands of years of myth—and the last forty years of pop culture. Following a script by Don Zolidis, the cast channeled cultural superstars from Greek gods and heroes to... Continue Reading →

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