Inaugural grilling: lamb burgers

It is a very good thing to live with a very good cook. 

It also helps when, being pregnant, one’s husband takes his provider role very seriously and creates delicious meals to feed his wife and child.

It is not a good thing that our schedules are so disjunct that we can eat a meal, at home, together, about once every two weeks.

But we finally had our first grilling experience of the season, in our new home, with our first guests.  And the dormant grilling skills of said husband all bubbled to the surface to  create a masterful culinary experience. 

It was so good I didn’t even take pictures.  I just ate.

But here’s the menu rundown, which received rave reviews, not just from me, but from our guests as well, themselves impressive chefs.

  • Lamb burgers: freshly ground lamb, mint, garlic, feta with..
  • Goat cheese and herb spread, tomato and spinach
  • Cucumber/tomato/red onion salad in a sweet vinegarette
  • Roasted red and yellow bell peppers
  • Toasted wheat buns

Coming home from work with the windows rolled down and pulling into our street I could smell the meat cooking.  That is the best way to come home.

Tomorrow: pork loin……mmmmmm.

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