When We All Come Together

KC-based musician David George wrote a new tune to raise awareness and funds for out-of-work artists for the KC Bands Together fundraiser for the Midwest Music Foundation, an organization that supports healthcare for musicians.

It’s both a fund- and spirit-raiser and the line-up over the two nights of the event (May 15 and 16, 8:30 CST) includes some of my (and many others’) favorite musicians. Not  favorite KC-musicians. FAVORITE MUSICIANS. Highlights from the event will air on KCPT on May 22.

Over a hundred musicians and friends, some of whom have already benefited from MMF’s grants, came together virtually for the video. I play a couple of notes on the trombone in a kimono (my “fancy” robe) and my spouse added extensive percussion with chimes/glockenspiel/crash cymbals, rocking a tuxedo with pajama bottoms. 😉

David’s song has an infectious melody, which is perfectly acceptable in music. It’s wonderful to see so many faces we’ve missed on the daily, as well as folks we’ve never met. But in this we’re contributing, together.

This is a rough time for just about everybody, but if you are in a position to help others, please do so, especially those in your community.

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