KC Studio: Holiday Stories


Awe, the holidays. Lots and lots and lots of shows this month and boy howdy how do you even? I realized a bit too late that I have nearly no down time between now and December 25 so the last two days have been an errand-mania, my friends!

Handel’s “Messiah” is a must-have for many and this year the Kansas City Symphony’s concerts, which include the forces of the Kansas City Symphony Chorus, are conducted by Aram Demirjian, former associate conductor, now music director for the Knoxville Symphony.

And this year marks the second annual Trombone Christmas Kansas City, which was a total blast last year and aims to get 200 participants this year. And fine, the well-established Tuba Christmas is going for Guinness Book of World Records on Dec 7, but there ain’t no shame in lots and lots of brassy get-togethers.


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