The Pitch: Best of Kansas City 2018


It’s shiny and full of treasures…it’s The Pitch’s annual BEST OF issue.

Flipping through the staff picks, I’m already marking off new restaurants I want to check out and new adventure options. I love that there isn’t just one BBQ winner – there’s about seven different BBQ categories. (Though Joe Kansas City’s Z-Man is a standalone winner in my book any day of the week.)

I had a lot of fun on this assignment, and got to write about some of the things happening in town that excited or enriched me lately: Open Spaces (#9), 1900 Building (#18), wellness and the arts (#24), Ensemble Ibérica (#25), and improved diversity in the arts (#28).

“Any Word Except Wait” by Flávio Cerquiera, UMKC campus for Open Spaces
Image from Nick Cave’s “Hye-Dyve” for Open Spaces.

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