Kawsmouth, issue 2: Counting

Kawsmouth is a literary website that curates writing and photography from the Midwest. Still in its infancy, it’s the brainchild of a lovely creative couple, Kansas-native world travelers who’ve resettled not far from us to our great social benefit.

Here in Issue 2: The Reservoir you’ll find essays, fiction, and poety by Kansas City-centric writers, commenting on life in Mid-America.

Photo taken Nov. 2011 at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

This issue is particularly exciting for me, as it includes my first published poem. I’ve written off and on for years, abandoning most efforts with youthful fickleness and critical dissatisfaction. Recently, I renewed my interest, not least because my time is limited and poetry has become a kind of quick, nutrious brain-snack, a cleansing dip into literature’s never-ending waves of text.

It feels amazing to finally admit to a poem.

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