REVIEW for Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts Grand Opening Gala

The crowd gathers for the Opening Night Gala.

The grand opening events are complete and the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts is ready to go.  You can read my review of Friday night’s events here, as well as reviews from the rest of the festivities which will be posted soon.

A few highlights that didn’t make the “official” review:

Very weird angle - I look like a giantess.

While having a stranger take my obligatory picture, an elegant older woman in silk and white fur directed the photo from her nearby bench. Later, the woman seated next to me said that my dress was the best she’d seen all night.

The mural and balconies of Muriel Kauffman Theatre.

The video projection on the shell of the Kauffman Center by Quixotic Fusion. I did mention it  in the review, but I must reiterate how impressive and stimulating it was.

And one anecdote from my husband, who played in the band during the banquet and was dressed in a tux: after he packed up and was going to get his car, one of the caterers mistakened him for Placido Domingo.

Close-up of custom-made confetti for September 16th, 2011.
My seat and a few of the hundreds of thousands of pieces of confetti that rained down at the end of the concert.

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