Review in KCMetropolis: “Enchanted April” @ the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre

The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre put on a sweet little comedy of manners in Enchanted April. The production was enjoyable, but faltered at a few points, causing a somewhat lackluster show. The script was an adaption by Matthew Barber from Elizabeth von Arnim’s 1922 novel.

Director Linda Ade Brand worked with a talented cast of veterans. The material offered many funny lines which allowed for great comedic work from the actors, though the more serious undercurrents never rose to a level of importance to develop any lasting tension. The characters weren’t given much room to develop beyond our first perceptions, the relationships came across as stilted, and the resolution inorganic. The design lacked finesse, with both costumes and set exhibiting a raw quality that didn’t fit with the era. However, the overall appeal of the piece came through as the characters explored freedoms beyond their social norms.

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