“Everyday Rapture” at the Unicorn Theatre

The Unicorn Theatre just finished a run of Everyday Rapture, a (mostly) one-woman show that (semi) documents the journey from Bible belt to Broadway. Sherie Rene Scott is the creator (co-written with Dick Scanlan) and star of the original show, a cabaret-style, Broadway-infused show that got her a Tony Award nomination. Here, it’s been reworked... Continue Reading →

HIGHLIGHTS from 2011

The old adage holds true: Never work with children or animals. Or try to compete with them.... Nothing Kansas City offered this past year - not the opening of the Kauffman Center, not the great programming at the Nelson-Atkins, not the most intimate show nor the biggest extravaganza of a production - could compare to the experience... Continue Reading →

Just Giving It Away: Part 3

This is part 3 of a series of posts in response to Matthew Malady’s “El Cheapo Guide to Culture” on Slate.com. Go here for the first and second part of the series. ************ Volunteer your time instead of forking over your money: Again, the attitude persists that cultural events are not worth the author’s money.... Continue Reading →

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