The real story is that my brilliant pun didn't make the headline: La donna é mobilized: Verdi's "Rigoletto" through the #MeToo Lens Continue reading →

KCUR: William Baker Festival Singers

I wrote about William Baker Festival Singers' "Festival of Kansas City Composers," featuring composer--in-residence Ed Frazier Davis, William Dawson, Virgil Thomson and a ream of local talent for Kansas City's NPR-affiliate KCUR 89.3FM.  

Arts Year End

Fail better. The arts in Kansas City had a pretty phenomenal year, some huge achievements, some huge, disastrously phenomenal events, but a big impact and plenty of challenges to meet in 2018. We can't overcome the deaths of people important to us, like Michelle Boisseau, but how fortunate for those who knew them and how... Continue Reading →

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