REVIEW: KCBallet, “Carmina Burana”

I reviewed the Kansas City Ballet's season opening performance, "Carmina Burana," for The Kansas City Star. Orff is probably best known by the punch-you-in-the-face drama of that opening "O Fortuna," but his committment to "total art" was more thorough than even Wagner's. Orff's theory of music and movement, his committment to children's music education, along with the... Continue Reading →

Ballet et Gillet

I went to see the Kansas City Ballet's final program of the season a few weeks ago. Because I also had an obligation across the lobby in Helzberg Hall the same evening, I was only able to watch the first piece standing in the back of Kauffman Theatre. Coming back to the work after weeks... Continue Reading →

SNEAK PEEK: Owen/Cox Dance Group

I watched part of the Owen/Cox Dance Group dress rehearsal on Thursday, since I'm unable to make any of their performances this weekend or next. Jack was with me, so I didn't catch the first number, A Good Missouri Song, since he decided that it was more important to screech and crawl around on the... Continue Reading →

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