What I Saw, Wrote, and Read in 2019


Maybe next year will be the year of work/life balance. 😉

People with more time and ambition are writing year end lists and best of decade lists and various other lists, but geez, I’m too exhausted to consider sifting through everything that has happened in the last few years. But then again, my 10 year anniversary with writing is right around the corner, so maybe it’s a good time to reflect? Or maybe I just love this quote and Mandy Patinkin too much to resist. Who’s to say?

I finally took the initiative to track shows and my reading list, for no other reason than I usually get to the end of the year and can’t fathom what happened prior to Thanksgiving.  (I literally just realized that people probably compile their Best Of lists throughout the year, not at the end when everything is already so hectic….).

So let’s see: in 365 days, I wrote 58 pieces, attended 78 shows and read 35 books (with a few re-reads of favorites) (and I’m currently in the middle of three). I also watched every episode of The Good Place twice, because I am easily obsessed and that’s a really great show.

ICYMI, here are some of my favorite pieces to research and write: composer Jean Ford, Kansas City Carousels (bonus: got to ride on six carousels!), Missouri River Bridge as Instrument, Ready To Rock, Harry Partch, review for KCBallet THARP/PARSONS/FORSYTHE, Nelly Don: The Musical, Junkyard Orchestra, Cowtown Country Club, UMKC Lake Goblin, Music of 17th Century Nuns, Reconstructed 16th Century Mass by Bartolomé de Escobedo, organist Jan Kraybill (bonus: she’s up for a Grammy Award), review for Moving Arts, some Kurt Weill shows in KC, and A Year Without Beethoven.





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