No More Nomads

A Picnic on My Dress: Gorgeous women in gorgeous gowns in a gorgeous setting making gorgeous art. Sounds like an easy win, huh? But the catch, here, was that each artist had to perform despite her garment, constrained by it, each gown (though created with both the artist's body and the performance space in mind) crafted... Continue Reading →

North by Northeast

Northeast Kansas City has a reputation. Actually, it has had a lot of reputations, not all of them savory. Once the home of Kansas City's elite, the area fell into disrepute and disrepair. Currently, though, it seems on the path of gentrification, becoming the home of a considerable contigent of KC's "creative class," in what... Continue Reading →

Just Giving it Away, Part 2

This is part 2 of a series of posts in response to Matthew Malady’s “El Cheapo Guide To Culture” on Go here for the first of the series. ****************** Be creative: Malady’s strategy is to share magazine subscriptions, take them from doctors’ offices, or just read them at the bookstore. Never mind the fact... Continue Reading →

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